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I'm Vicente, a creative technologist / artist interested in interactivity, realtime 3D graphics, technical art, procedural systems and motion.

Currently I live in Amsterdam and work as a freelancer for global brands, companies and in-house teams creating immersive web projects. Previously I was tech lead for Active Theory and before that I co-founded a design studio in Madrid, the city I am originally from.

If you want to make something cool together, please don't hesitate to write!

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FWA x 16, Awwwards x 15, FWA & Awwwards SOTM.


- Awwwards Conference 2023 - Creating multiplayer 3D environments in the browser.
- Awwwards case study - Summer Afternoon.
- Hacker News #1 post- Summer Afternoon.
- Cumbres - Showcase of projects by Twenty Two Degrees.
- FrontFest 2019 - How to program a performant javascript animation engine.
- FrontFest 2018 - WebGL and shaders: programming light.
- FWA interview 2017.
- Brieff Festival - What we do at Twenty Two Degrees.